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Justin Bieber Makes A Religion-Related Statement On Social Media

Justin Bieber Makes A Religion-Related Statement On Social Media

One of the most astonishing figures of the early 2010s, Justin Bieber, shared a recent photo on his verified Instagram page and penned an emotional letter about his spiritual life these days.

As you might remember, Justin Bieber has made a Jesus tattoo on his lower-leg last year and stated that he gave up on drugs after Jesus found him.

Here is what Justin wrote:

“Thank you, Jesus, for your forgiveness! Thank you, Jesus, that when I was lost you found me, thank you that you brought be from death to life! Thank you that once I was blind but now I see!

Thank you for giving your life up on the cross so that I could have ETERNAL LIFE! TRUE LIFE on earth and life ABUNDANTLY! Thank you for the promises you have for me! Thank you that I am protected from the hidden traps of my enemy!! I am honored to serve you all the days of my life!”

A user named fonziegomez commented on the post:

“Bruv!!!!!!! YES JESUS IS LORD, KING & THE BEST FATHER EVER! So happy I became a Christian 3 months ago!! Love from Sydney, Australia! 💙🇦🇺”

Another Justin follower, typical.tianna wrote this:

“I’m so proud to see someone so famous spreading the word of the LORD 🙏🏻

Keep it up !! 💜💜 Sending love from Alberta.”

Here is the post which Justin has shared.

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