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Justin Bieber Makes An Important ‘Coronavirus’ Statement

Justin Bieber Makes An Important ‘Coronavirus’ Statement

One of the most famous music phenomena of this era, Justin Bieber, posted a recent video on his verified Instagram page and talked about the Coronavirus, which affects the whole world nowadays.

As Justin shared his concerns about the virus, he did not forget to show his support for the people who live in China. Justin said that every human being should stand with China and we should donate to foundation groups.

Here is the caption he shared on Instagram:

“Watching the news I couldn’t imagine how scary it would be if a new disease was effecting my wife and my family and friends. China we stand with you as collective humanity and have made a donation to support.

Whether it be this or the fires of Australia we all need to be there for each other. Shout out to my friend @kriswu for the conversation.”

An Instagram user named anadeoviedo wrote this:

“Hello, please, we need help to be able to emigrate from Venezuela, we can not stand another day living in these conditions, we have had to go hungry, thirsty, days without bathing, sleeping in the open air because the light goes out and enduring animal bites, for Please do not do it for me if not for my children do not deserve this.”

Another Instagram user, nguyenalexa commented on the post:

“Wtf you’re awesome. Thank you for your tremendous support and use of knowledge!!”

You can watch the video of Justin right below.

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