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Justin Bieber Mentions His Past Relationships While Opening Up About His ‘Ego And Power’

Justin Bieber Mentions His Past Relationships While Opening Up About His ‘Ego And Power’

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber made a crucial statement about his life after his starring in the music video clip, Popstar, which was released by DJ Khaled featured Drake.

If you’ve watched the Popstar video clip, Bieber portrays a celebrity out there. You can find house parties, beautiful women, alcohol, and more in this video clip. However, in the final scene of the video, Justin realizes it was a nightmare.

In fact, Justin Bieber had such a personality before he started a relationship with Hailey Baldwin. With his Instagram posts, he makes self-criticism and points out some of his past actions, especially his past relationships.

Talking about being a small-town person in his childhood, the 26-year-old singer says that he did it not for money but only because he loved music after he became famous.

However, he admits that his ego has taken over him as time passes and it has negatively affected his past relationships. One of these past relationships was Selena Gomez. However, the singer does not use Gomez’s name in his statement.

Here’s what Justin Bieber stated:

“I came from a small town in Stratford Ontario Canada. I didn’t have material things and was never motivated by money or fame I just loved music. But as I became a teenager I let my insecurities and frustrations dictate what I put my value in. My values slowly started to change.

Ego and power started to take over and my relationships suffered because of it. I truly desire healthy relationships. I want to be motivated by truth and love. I want to be aware of my blind spots and learn from them!”

He also added:

“I want to walk in the plans God has for me and not try and do it on my own! I want to give up my selfish desires daily so I can be a good husband and future dad! I’m grateful that I can walk with Jesus as he leads the way.”

See the Instagram post below.

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