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Justin Bieber Says He Became A ‘Great’ Musician Thanks To Michael Jordan

Justin Bieber Says He Became A ‘Great’ Musician Thanks To Michael Jordan

One of the most successful singers in this era, Justin Bieber, has updated his official Instagram account and unearthed the rare photos of himself with legendary Chicago Bulls basketball player, Michael Jordan.

As we all know, Michael Jordan became a global phenomenon with his great successes while wearing the Chicago Bulls jersey in the 80s and 90s. He managed to inspire people from many different branches with his perfection and greatness. One of them is Justin Bieber.

Today, Justin Bieber has shared the throwback photos and revealed the best moment of his life that he met with MJ. In 2013, the teenage Justin Bieber was performing his songs at Charlotte Hornets’ Time Warner Cable Arena and took a backstage picture with Jordan before the show.

As you might see in the photos, Jordan smiles towards Bieber while shaking hands. Justin Bieber looks surprised after meeting with his childhood hero.

Plus, the 26-year-old pop star described the 57-year-old basketball icon as his inspiration and thanked him for inspiring him to be great on his musical career.

Here’s what Justin Bieber captioned:

“Thank you, Michael, for inspiring me to be great! Peep Johnny Blaze lurking in the shadows.”

An Instagram personality named Alfredo Flores commented and said:

“This was the best day.”

Another Instagram phenomenon named Mikey Arana wrote:

“True motivation and inspiration for greatness!”

Peep the Instagram photos below.

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