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Justin Bieber Says ‘She’s Really Good’ For His Wife Hailey’s Cooking Skills As He Talks About His Thanksgiving

Justin Bieber Says ‘She’s Really Good’ For His Wife Hailey’s Cooking Skills As He Talks About His Thanksgiving

One of the latest guests on The Ellen Degeneres show was singer Justin Bieber, who has participated in Ellen’s program since 2009, made statements and defended his wife about her cooking skills after Ellen questions him on the topic.

On the first show of the December holiday season, Ellen Degeneres had Justin as a guest and she asked him about the Thanksgiving dinner. Justin stated that he doesn’t cook very well but Thanksgiving went great because they were with their friends. He couldn’t go home because of the pandemic, so instead, they ate the turkey that Hailey Bieber cooked for dinner.

On Thanksgiving day, Hailey posed in the kitchen next to a turkey that just came out of the oven and said she cooked a turkey for the first time.

Ellen was not sure of the reality of the photo and pushed Justin Bieber for answers to her questions. While Justin was trying to praise his wife’s cooking skills, when Ellen asked if Hailey was really making the turkey in the outfit in the photo, Justin changed the subject and said that she looked great all the time.

While Ellen’s questions on this issue were continuing, she asked if the guests brought food with them, Justin said that everyone brought something, but because a chef was already working at home, she made great meals for all. When Ellen heard about this and asked who was cooking the turkey for the last time, Bieber insisted that his wife did.

Here’s the caption:

“@HaileyBieber was the chef in the Bieber household this Thanksgiving. @JustinBieber”

The post got more than 4M likes and the debate about whether Hailey really cooked that Thanksgiving turkey continued and most of the followers didn’t believe in Hailey’s cooking skills, but they admired how Justin defended his beloved wife.

A follower named Rahmani added this comment:

“We all know she ain’t cook that 😂”

Another follower named Emily Amber wrote:

“Now that’s how y’all should be defending your wife❤️❤️”

Check out the post below.

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