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Justin Timberlake Devastated After The Sad Death Of A Legendary Musician

Justin Timberlake Devastated After The Sad Death Of A Legendary Musician

The solo singer and actor Justin Timberlake has uploaded the new photos on his official Instagram page and made a heartbreaking message after the unexpected death of the legendary musician, Bill Withers.

Bill Withers, who wrote some of the most memorable and often-covered songs of the 1970s died on Monday in Los Angeles due to heart problems. He was 81 and his death was announced by his family.

After Justin learned Bill’s death, he took to social media to pay his tribute and showed his respect for the legendary musician. Justin left a lengthy letter by sharing Bill Withers’ photos and video.

Here’s what Justin Timberlake stated:

“You will always be one of my biggest idols. You taught me so much about how to keep it simple and real. I felt such a kinship with you even before we met. Your words and melodies… The chords that accompanied them…

They reached into my soul and spoke to me so deeply. That’s what your music did. It brought so many of us closer to you and to each other. And, to actually know you were truly something special.

You shined a light that was so unique and warm. I looked up to you the same way I looked up to my Poppa… and he was my favorite human in the world. You have always been one of the greatest and will forever be.

I will miss your jokes and I will never forget your advice to me about music… ‘How does it make you feel? That’s the only question you have to answer.'”

Pop band The Shadowboxers commented:

“Such a special talent and personality.”

Dancer Lil Buck wrote:

“Man one of a kind without a question ❤️❤️”

See the Instagram post below.

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