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Justin Timberlake Prouds His Open Support For ‘BYP100’ Following The Presidential Debate

Justin Timberlake Prouds His Open Support For ‘BYP100’ Following The Presidential Debate

Singer/songwriter Justin Timberlake has some words about the ‘Black Youth Project 100’ following the 2020 presidential debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Black Youth Project 100 is an African American youth organization in the United States and manages some of the activities include community organizing, voter mobilization, and other social justice campaigns focused on black, feminist, and queer issues.

Timberlake has shared a new video showing young Afro-American people who talk about racial discrimination, racism, and injustice in the country. When this organization’s name came back to the agenda in the 2020 Presidential Debate yesterday on Fox News in Cleveland, the 39-year-old singer showed his open support to the organization by talking about the harm that the white supremacy would do to the country.

Here’s what he said:

“Following the debate last night, this group of young voices right here is more important than ever. BYP100 is an organization that I’m really proud to support –– these are 18-35-year-olds working to create justice and equality for all Black people.”

He continued:

“They’re posting from my page today so we can learn more about how crucial their work is today, in an America that does not denounce white supremacy… Please turn the volume up for D’Antra Jackson (the National Director of BYP100).”

After Justin Timberlake’s move, many fans flocked to the comment section and thanked him for showing his support for young black people.

A fan named Jane Porter commented and said:

“Thanks for this.”

Another fan named Krista said:

“Thank you for taking a stand! You’ve been my fave human since forever ago.”

See the Instagram post below.

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