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Justin Timberlake Says ‘I’m Forever Grateful’ As He Wishes His Mom Lynn Harless A Happy 60th Birthday

Justin Timberlake Says ‘I’m Forever Grateful’ As He Wishes His Mom Lynn Harless A Happy 60th Birthday

American singer and songwriter Justin Timberlake updated his Instagram to share some adorable throwback photos with his mother Lynn Harless as she turned 60 and also wrote her a heartfelt birthday note.

Yesterday, it was a very special day for Justin Timberlake because he performed his new song, ‘Better Days,‘ at the inauguration as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took office and made history while it was also his mother Lynn Harless’ birthday.

On Wednesday, Justin Timberlake shared a bunch of throwback photos taken together with his mom Lynn Harless via Instagram as they enjoyed a lifetime of happiness together while also penning down a heartfelt wish to celebrate her birthday.

As can be seen in the photos below, Lynn Harless always supported his son since he was little and started his music career and on her 60th birthday, her son Justin wanted to honor her for paving the way for him.

In the caption, Justin Timberlake started writing what a day it was as they celebrated a new administration and their first Madam Vice President. He stated that coincidentally it was his mom’s birthday and wanted to send her some love because he was forever grateful for her constant support and her cinnamon sugar toast.

Here’s the caption:

“What a day. As we celebrate a new administration, and our first Madam Vice President — we also celebrate ALL the women who paved the way for us. Coincidentally, it’s my mom’s 60th today.

Send her some love! I am forever grateful for your constant support (and your cinnamon sugar toast) @lynnharless. Happy birthday, I love you! 🙏🏻”

This post of Justin Timberlake received 983k likes and his followers also sent love to his mom in the comments section.

A fan wished happy birthday and wrote:

“Happy Birthday Lynn! We all love her, tell her happy birthday from us!”

Another fan loved the photos and wrote:

“Omg! Love the pics hahaha! Happy birthday to mama lynn! And congratulations to America for a great day in history today! NOW GET THAT 6TH ALBUM OUT”

Check out the post below.

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