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Kate Beckinsale Doesn’t Get Upset About The Comments Of Her Becoming The Crazy Cat Lady

Kate Beckinsale Doesn’t Get Upset About The Comments Of Her Becoming The Crazy Cat Lady

British actress Kate Beckinsale is a cat mom to two fluffy Persian cats, Clive and Willow, and she shares their funny moments all the time. In her latest post, the actress showed her followers how festive her cats looked with their Christmas hats and sweaters on her Instagram account.

The 47-year-old actress has recently started using her social media to share her time at home with her cats. The actress’s last three posts on Instagram are all about her cats, and in all of them, the cats have funny hats and clothes on them.

On Friday, she shared another video in which she dressed her cat in a very tight outfit with a very funny hat on and expressed that her cat was quite happy with its own condition. The patience of Kate Beckinsale’s cat was quite admirable and it also astonished some of her followers too.

Here’s her caption:

“Demonstrating the essential difference between characterful eyebrows and simmering vengeful rage – see also #eugenelevy”

The followers of the actress wrote a lot of judgy comments about her becoming the crazy cat lady because of her not so flourishing film career nowadays but neither of them can stop Beckinsale to share her love to her adorable cats because she is happy to be with them and this situation is not anyone else’s business.

One of her followers wrote:

“How do your cats just sit there? I would have growled at and bit. You missed your calling and should have been an animal trainer.”

Another follower wrote:

“You have officially become a crazy cat lady!!!”

Another follower wrote:

“Too many videos of you and your cat. I think it’s time for you to find a boyfriend.”

Another followers who liked the cat clips wrote:

“Your cat clips are the best. Love them. You are such a gorgeous breath of fresh air. Thanks for bringing smiles to our day. Keep them coming. 💕”

Check out the post below.

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