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Kate Winslet Proves Why She Is A Successful Actress With Her Amazing Effort On The Set Of Avatar 2

Kate Winslet Proves Why She Is A Successful Actress With Her Amazing Effort On The Set Of Avatar 2

James Cameron, who is the author and producer of the multi-award-winning film, Avatar, heralded that Avatar 2 shootings were completed and the film will take place in an underwater world completely different from Pandora, where the first movie took place.

Kate Winslet worked hard at the shootings of the second Avatar movie because it is known that in 1997 when they were filming the Titanic’s unforgettable water action scenes with James Cameron, she nearly drowned.

However, Kate Winslet did not succumb to her fears and continued her work to hold her breath underwater because director Cameron wanted her to play the role of a member of the reef-dwelling tribe of Na’vi in Pandora in Avatar 2.

In the last images shared from underwater shots from the set, it is known that Kate Winslet managed to hold her breath underwater for seven minutes.

In other words, the successful actress resolutely broke Tom Cruise’s record with a difference because he could hold his breath for six minutes during the shootings of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

Kate Winslet was unaware of her success till others told her about it because she really didn’t read media reviews. After everyone started congratulating her, Winslet realized her success, which made her happy and proud of herself because her hard work had paid off.

Here’s what she stated:

“It’s so funny because I don’t really read reviews or media things. I’m not on Instagram, like I’m just completely disconnected from that part of my life.

So all of this week and the week before, I’ve had people coming up to me at work saying, ‘Oh my God, like seven minutes and 14 seconds? Like, what?!” And I’m going, ‘What? Hang on, wait a minute. How do you know that?’

It was brilliant and I was very proud of myself and I’ll probably never be able to do it again. That came at the end of four weeks worth of quite intense training and it was in the dive tank, it was in the training tank. But I loved it.”

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