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Katie Holmes Reveals The Most Precious Gift She Got During The Pandemic

Katie Holmes Reveals The Most Precious Gift She Got During The Pandemic

Katie Holmes, the actress, is on the cover of Australia’s November issue of Vogue and spoke about what lessons she learned in 2020, how she spent time in the lockdown, and the prospects for 2021.

The 41-year-old actress, Katie Holmes spent her time during the lockdown in New York and felt appreciation for having survived the pandemic mentally, emotionally and physically.

During the lockdown, she read her favorite books, watched films, did hobbies such as sewing, painting and writing. Holmes described the time she spent with her daughter as the most precious gift.

In these uncertain times, she always tried to be creative and positive. In addition, Holmes believes every moment should be appreciated and understood.

The actress, who thinks that the world has just become different, believes that people get better by starting to appreciate everything. Katie Holmes hopes that the year 2020, which started with shock, will end in hope and people will continue their lives with more empathy for each other.

Here’s what she stated:

The world has shifted and taken on a new shape and I believe we have become better people. The absence of routine, the revelation of truths that lie just below the surface, the challenge of moving forwards despite fear, and the willingness to be open to what our new world will be, are realities that have connected us all.

My fingers are crossed that what began as shock will end in hope. And that our deepened empathy towards one another is what we will carry with us into 2021 and beyond.”

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