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Kehlani Explains Why She Doesn’t Need Any Grammy Awards By Making A Harsh Statement On Instagram

Kehlani Explains Why She Doesn’t Need Any Grammy Awards By Making A Harsh Statement On Instagram

Kehlani, a talented representative of R&B music, cited the injustice of the 2021 Grammy nominations on her Instagram account, saying that the real success is not to win awards but to win the public’s appreciation.

The 63rd annual Grammy Awards nominations were probably the first to be so controversial, and many artists, especially The Weeknd, reacted to the nominations they deemed unfair. One of them was the successful R&B singer Kehlani.

On Friday, the 25-year-old singer publicly stated that she found the nominations unfair, though she did not openly mention the name of the Grammy awards, and expressed her reaction for not being nominated.

As it can see been below, Kehlani shared Spotify’s list of the highest streamed R&B female artists of 2020 and she was in the third row among names like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys is another name that doesn’t have a nomination although she released a new album this year. However, she chose to be silent about this issue.

On the other hand, Kehlani raised her voice and wrote in the caption about how she released an album in a very odd year at the beginning of quarantine. The singer, who explained how much effort she gave in her own garage with limited means, said that she managed her baby while doing all this.

Furthermore, Kehlani added that although she released albums and worked hard as an artist to create new music, she didn’t get any acknowledgments. Fans expected her to get some nominations but Kehlani explained that it is more important than anything else that fans value and listen to her music.

Kehlani said that she loved everyone very much, adding to her rather a long statement that the Spotify numbers don’t lie, showing that everyone was aware of how hard she was working.

Here’s the caption:

“jus wanted to repost with a proper caption. in May, i put an album out with all the odds against it. beginning of quarantine. did the entire roll out from my garage, created a production company composed of literally just me and @brialysse at the time to shoot and edit videos from the garage, shot the cover in the damn backyard …with my toddler there every step of the way.

we had a #2 overall album and #1 rnb album. i have a lot of fans wondering where certain accolades or acknowledgments are for me but i need y’all to know that YALL listening to and loving the music is what matters to me the most.

numbers don’t lie! y’all see me working hard! my family sees me working hard and gets to see really cool shit like this. my mama gon think this is awesome and that’s priceless. i love you all so much. honored to be in company with women i grew up admiring forever and still now. just happy to be here. 🤍”

Check out the post below.

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