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Kehlani Pens A Heartfelt Message To Fans: ‘How Grateful I Am For Having Many Long-Lasting Supporters’

Kehlani Pens A Heartfelt Message To Fans: ‘How Grateful I Am For Having Many Long-Lasting Supporters’

R&B singer Kehlani melted hearts as she penned a heartfelt message on her Instagram page after reaching the great milestone with her projects and album, especially her second studio album, It Was Live Until It Wasn’t.

Kehlani released her second studio album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t on May 8, 2020, by Atlantic Records despite the difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic. She worked with special guests likeTory Lanez, Jhené Aiko, Masego, Lucky Daye, and James Blake, as well as uncredited vocals by Ty Dolla Sign for this album.

Kehlani took to Instagram on Thursday and posted a few photos with some stats showing her achievements since 2015. In addition, the singer posted a thank you message to all the fans who supported her.

In her message, she thanked her fans for supporting her over the years and expressed her gratitude. She said that the album she released in the middle of the coronavirus last year had such success with her fans.

Here’s what Kehlani wrote:

“I just finished alllll the meet and greets from It Was Live Until It Wasnt. the main comment I kept getting was “I’ve been listening to you since I was *really young age* till now, and I’m grown!” I wanna take a moment to express how grateful I am for having so many long-lasting supporters. some who have been listening since middle school and are heading to college.

Some who were in high school and are now having kids and getting married. I met so many incredible humans, families, energies. I wouldn’t be anywhere without you all. by supporting me, you’ve supported my family and future family. I am forever in awe of the way y’all go hard for me & the way Spirit works.

I am living a dream I never wake up from, no matter what goes on or how hard the work is, I am just happy to be here. thank you for loving me, I love you all so much. swipe right for all the updates I got yesterday! forever HUMBLED! (finishing my bathroom ignore the construction floor paper… yall made this house happen too I ain’t forget!!!!!) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!”

See the Instagram post below.

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