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Kehlani Reveals A Depressive Video About The Valentine’s Day

Kehlani Reveals A Depressive Video About The Valentine’s Day

American singer and dancer Kehlani revealed a part of her really touching video which she released yesterday, on her official YouTube channel.

As the recent song of Kehlani named Valentine’s Day (Shameful) was viewed by almost 1M people on YouTube, it doesn’t have any video clip yet. However, Kehlani shared some part of the recording session of the song with her lovely followers.

Here is what she wrote about the video:

“Last night making Valentine’s Day (Shameful) .. same room / same people I made You Know Wassup with. Same energy… Feel something and get it off. 3 therapeutic hours. Appreciating those who see and hear me and those around me holding me up. real grateful for expression right now. inward & onward, love always ALL ways.”

Halsey commented on the video and made the most-liked comment:

“Your positivity your light and your kindness will never be dulled by someone else’s darkness. Maybe for a moment. But you persevere. You are the realest of the real mama. 🔮”

Another user named iwantdjduffey wrote this:

“We appreciate ur honesty in the music! ❤️ Been there.”

You can watch the video right below.

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