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Kehlani Says ‘She Is Grateful For Something In Her Life’ While Revealing A Conspiracy Theory

Kehlani Says ‘She Is Grateful For Something In Her Life’ While Revealing A Conspiracy Theory

Kehlani, a talented representative of R&B music, updated her Twitter account, and shared a barrage of tweets on different topics.

The 25-year-old singer was on the agenda in previous months when she and her fans raised their voices about the Grammy nominations of 2021.

Kehlani didn’t get any nominations or acknowledgments, although she released albums and worked hard as an artist to create new music at the beginning of quarantine.

Fans expected her to get some nominations, but Kehlani explained that it is more important than anything else that fans value and listen to her music.

On Wednesday, Kehlani once again tweeted about how lucky she was to have a wonderful family and expressed how grateful she was because she said she didn’t know what she would do without them.

Here’s the tweet:

“so unbelievably grateful for family… all variations.. blood, chosen, god given, gifted.. what would i be without you.”

A few minutes later, she wrote another tweet about being a powerful person who knows self-worth and value, otherwise, one can lose themselves.

Here’s the tweet:

“choose yourself or lose yourself.”

In her final tweet, she explained that during the pandemic period, being sick was just like a conspiracy theory. She explained that she suddenly started to panic as if she was infected with the virus, and many followers expressed that they were in the same situation as the artist.

Here’s the tweet:

“having a cold in a pandemic feels like a conspiracy theory.”

One of her followers wrote:

“I have some anxiety symptoms similar to covid. This pandemic is making my anxiety give me anxiety.”

Another follower wrote:

“My seasonal really started kicking in about a week ago, and my nose has been stuffy, and I’m just sitting here like ITS JUST MY NOSE I SWARE!!!!”

Check out the tweets below.

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