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Kehlani Stuns Her Fans With A Close Up Photo Wearing Glasses

Kehlani Stuns Her Fans With A Close Up Photo Wearing Glasses

One of the most famous R&B stars of the 21st century and a 10M followed social media phenomenon, Kehlani, shared a couple of new photo on her verified Instagram page and exposed her perfect beauty when she wears glasses.

As she shares her natural beauty in two different frames, Kehlani also shared what she does these days. That recent pose of Kehlani got almost 800K likes in a really short time.

Here is what she wrote:

“Just wanted to pop in and say make sure you’re feeding your joy. you can get your money up, do your service for others, take care of folks, but you have to carve those moments to feed your own pure joy.

Blasting that playlist during your morning routine… Opening all the blinds for that natural light. spending time outside. I really fuck wit grocery shopping and game nights.

I also really fuck with escape rooms, long drives with all the windows down, & flea markets. reminder to self, a reminder to all. enjoy more. carve it. create it.”

A user named esavamxcant commented and wrote:

“Wait to see her for your birthday in may @yessuckaa !!! Dream come true.”

Another Kehlani follower named 14_rives commented:

“I needed this. Thank you. Always. “

You may check out that recent post right below.

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