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Kendrick Lamar Is Once Again Sued For Copyright Infringement

Kendrick Lamar Is Once Again Sued For Copyright Infringement

Grammy-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar is notorious for getting sued for copyright infringement issues. In addition to his other copyright infringement lawsuits such as ‘Keisha’s Song,’ ‘Rigamortis,’ ‘All the Stars,’ ‘Pray For Me,’ the rapper now faces charges on his hit song ‘Loyalty’ featuring Rihanna.

The musician Terrance Hayes claims that the rapper’s hit song carries some elements from his own song like ‘the entire composition, including title, melody, harmony, and rhythm,’

Hayes further claims that while working on another project with Josef Leimberg in 2015, producer Terrace Martin lifted the song from his computer. The copied song, Hayes suggests, also bears the exact name of the music he produced as he also titled his song’ Loyalty.’ The lawsuit also includes some other names like Leimberg, Martin, and TDE.

Hayes wants all the profits made off of the hit song, including the profits made by the names listed in the lawsuit. He also wants the legal costs to be covered by defendants. We are going to keep you updated about the outcome of the hearing.

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Nike, who prepared a special video for 23 August, Bryant’s birthday, chose Kendrick Lamar, which we can call his equivalent from the music world, for the video he prepared in memory of Kobe Bryant, the legend of the Los Angeles Lakers from his death.

In the video narrated by Kendrick Lamar, who shared that he was a Kobe Bryant fan many times and came together with the famous basketball player on different platforms, the video is emphasized that we need to practice ‘Mamba mentality,’ which reflects Bryant’s athleticism and view of life, in every aspect of our lives.

Watch the tribute of Nike via Youtube below.

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