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Kesha Apologizes Fans As She Explains Why She Remains Silent About The US Capitol Hill Assault

Kesha Apologizes Fans As She Explains Why She Remains Silent About The US Capitol Hill Assault

Singer Kesha Rose Sebert, usually known professionally by the mononym Kesha, has updated her Instagram feed and shared her thoughts about the US Capitol Hill assault.

On Wednesday, pro-Trump supporters staged an assault against the US Capitol in Washington DC to protest the election results. This assault came after Trump asked his supporters on social media to protest the election results.

But these protests later turned violent, and pro-Trump supporters broke into the Capitol Building by climbing the walls and breaking the doors. The police were incapable of neutralizing the protestors. However, the crowd dispersed as the National Guards intervened. This incident was one of the worst security breaches in United States history.

Celebrities, politicians, singers, and rappers reacted to this incident and said they were damaging the understanding of democracy in the United States. However, singer Kesha preferred to remain silent during these events and was criticized by her fans.

Kesha tried to explain her thoughts by sharing the post that former First Lady Michelle Obama shared on Instagram. She explained that she was shocked after this incident and therefore remained silent. The singer, who stated that he could not explain such topics with words, reacted to the events with Obama’s words.

Here’s what Kesha said:

“I am sorry for my silence, I’m in shock. sometimes words come and sometimes someone else is able to make sense of what’s been racing through your mind from a more informed and gracious perspective. I wanted to share something I read that was better said than I could ever put together.

#Repost @michelleobama. Like all of you, I’ve been feeling so many emotions since yesterday. I tried to put my thoughts down here.”

See the Instagram post below.

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