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Kevin Bacon Shows His Respect To Led Zeppelin In A Classy Way

Kevin Bacon Shows His Respect To Led Zeppelin In A Classy Way

Actor Kevin Bacon expressed his admiration for one of the legendary rock bands in the world, Led Zeppelin, as part of the ‘Monday Blues’ event which he created.

Kevin Bacon reveals his precious vinyl every Monday, and with his video on Instagram, he provides a great time with his memorabilia for his fans who are stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the video, Kevin Bacon has chosen three different songs from different singers and bands which are Van Morrison, The Police, and Led Zeppelin. However, he said that the ‘Ramble On‘ song from Led Zeppelin is very special for him, and Led Zep is his favorite band of all time.

Here’s the caption:

“Alright everybody, it’s Monday, time to shake the blues. Who’s with me? This weeks’ picks are: ‘When That Evening Sun Goes Down’ by Van Morrison, ‘Next To You’ by The Police, and ‘Ramble On’ by Led Zeppelin. Playlist in bio. Stay safe everybody. And hope this helps you groove through the week.”

An Instagram user named artgallerybyz commented and said:

“From music lovers and Monday haters everywhere, this is awesome! I have pulled out my vinyl and it is making me happy too.”

Another fan named natciutadella wrote:

“I love Mondays since I follow you. Gracias for these moments.”

Watch the Instagram video below.

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