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Kevin Hart Blames Drake For Interesting Reason

Kevin Hart Blames Drake For Interesting Reason

During a recent TV show with Kelly an Ryan, comedian Kevin Hart had blamed rapper Drake for the Philadelphia Sixers loss against Toronto Raptors.

Drake a huge fan of Toronto Raptors and Kevin Hart a huge fan of Philadelphia Sixers too as known. Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia Sixers played game 7 at Toronto then Raptors forward Kahwi Leonard had hit the ‘buzzer-beat’ against Sixers and Phila eliminated from the ‘Playoffs’.

Therefore Kevin Hart has shared his thoughts about Drake during the at game7. He said:

 “There was a tremendous amount of back-and-forth that we had, you know he wanted to bet on a series and I was like, ‘I’m not gonna bet you ’cause you don’t pay, you don’t pay your debts'”

Kevin Hart also spoke about why he blamed Drake. He said:

“Yeah he doesn’t pay. He bet before and it took him a long time to pay me so I’m not betting him no more. I think my frustration from the past is probably what brought some of his negativity into the series, because if I had a bet we probably would have won. But because I didn’t bet he reversed me, he hit me with a reverse whoo, basically.”

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