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Kevin Hart Reflects On The Success Of ‘Zero F**ks Given’ As He Admits It’s A Crazy Idea

Kevin Hart Reflects On The Success Of ‘Zero F**ks Given’ As He Admits It’s A Crazy Idea

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart updated his Instagram feed and made a statement explaining his thoughts about the success of his Netflix’s special ‘Zero F**ks Given.’

Kevin Hart’s latest Netflix comedy special has been a huge success. More than 21 million Netflix members watched ‘Zero F**ks Given,’ released on November 17, and became the number 1 comedy, according to Netflix.

In the special shows at Hart’s Los Angeles home in September, the comedian tackles topics such as group chats with boyfriends, sex after the age of 40, and coping with life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following this major success, Kevin Hart took to Instagram and has shared his thoughts about it. In his message, he began his words by thanking everyone who supported him, saying that he still believes he has achieved this.

Not predicting the future of this success, Hart stated that he pushed his creativity and talent for this show. He also admitted that holding a special during the coronavirus pandemic was crazy.

Here’s what he said:

“I can’t say this enough… I love & appreciate my fans so damn much. You guys are unbelievable… Still can’t believe that me & my team pulled this off. I try my hardest to constantly push the creativity on the things that I do.

Dropping a special in the middle of a pandemic was a crazy idea… Thank you to my amazing partners @netflix & @netflixisajoke… Over 21million global views in the first month on the platform. Holy shit… The numbers are insane. Once again thank you guys for all of the support.”

See the Instagram post below.

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