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Kevin Hart Reveals One Of His Childhood Legends Who Became His Co-Star In His Latest Netflix Project

Kevin Hart Reveals One Of His Childhood Legends Who Became His Co-Star In His Latest Netflix Project

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart updated his Instagram feed and announced that he will start working on a new Netflix project with the legendary actor Wesley Snipes and gave some details about the project.

Lately, Kevin Hart was on the agenda with his stand-up show ‘Zero Fucks Given‘ on Netflix and although this stand-up show was liked by the majority, it also got a few critics that the actor did not like.

Besides, he is working on many other projects one of which is ‘The Man from Toronto‘ movie and it is planned to be released in September 2021.

In ‘The Man from Toronto’, Kevin Hart is currently working with the legend Woody Harrelson which is very exciting for him because he was one of the actors he grew up watching the 1992 movie ‘White Men Can’t Jump‘ as a child and now Hart is proud to act beside him as his co-star.

The other legend who Kevin Hart is very proud to work with is Wesley Snipes and he was one of the names on ‘White Men Can’t Jump.’ Kevin Hart will begin filming a drama series for Netflix with Wesley Snipes named ‘True Story‘ when the current set is finished.

Eric Newman, one of the producers of ‘Narcos’, will also be the producer of ‘True Story’ and Kevin Hart will play Wesley Snipes’ brother.

On Wednesday, Hart shared his enthusiasm for his new project with Wesley Snipes with his followers and thanked everyone who believed in him and helped him get involved in the project assuring them they will make a great film.

Here’s the caption:

“I still can’t believe that this is happening… I wanted to do a series that would shock the world. So I teamed up with my brotha Eric Newman who is one of the best writers/creators/producers in Hollywood…

If you watched “Narcos” on Netflix then you are familiar with his work. We cracked the code on this one….it’s unbelievable. Now here is the kicker….

I get to work with @realwesleysnipes ….are you FUCKING KIDDING ME. The legend himself is playing my brother in this project. Shit just got real and I promise you it’s fucking good.

Thank you to my partners @netflix for believing in me & my HartBeat team. We have no choice but to DELIVER with this one. MARK MY WORDS!!!!! #TrueStory #Netflix #ComingSoon #HartBeatProduction”

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