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Kid Cudi Reveals Why He Regrets His Past Relationships

Kid Cudi Reveals Why He Regrets His Past Relationships

Ohio-based rapper Kid Cudi explained that he regretted his past relationships. Last night, he took to Twitter to talk about failed relationships in a tweet thread.

The 35-year-old artist shared a brief note about what he had first learned about loving himself. He wrote:

“U cant be in love w someone until u love yourself. It took me years to learn that.”

Then, Cudi wrote a tweet apologizing to his ex-girlfriends in his 20’s. He expressed his regret for these relations.

“I apologize to all my girlfriends in my 20s and early 30s I let down and treated like shit because I wasnt right. All of my relationships didnt work out because of me. I had to accept that and find peace and be better.”

He continued in another tweet:

“Now, im 35 and the past 3 years Ive fallin back in love w Scott. It feels great!! To anyone whos still dealin w things, know that u will be ok and u will find a way to the light. I thought id never find a way out of my madness. So silly of me”

Check out the tweets below.


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