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Kim Kardashian Reveals The Rare Story Of Herself With Her Close Friend

Kim Kardashian Reveals The Rare Story Of Herself With Her Close Friend

Iconic Kardashian family’s most popular sister, Kim Kardashian, has posted a really rare photo of herself with her best friend, Allison Statter via her verified and official Instagram account.

Kim Kardashian shared the rare photo for a sweet reason because today is the 40th  birthday of her friend, Allison Statter.  Kim has penned down a long message for celebrating the birthday of her friend.

Kim Kardashian has 156 million followers, so it wasn’t surprising that it has received more than 400k likes in a short period. Also, they have written a lot of comments on the photo.

Here’s the birthday message of Kim Kardashian:

“Happy 40th Birthday to my best friend in the entire world Allison!!! We’ve been through everything together and I’m the luckiest girl to have the same best friend my whole life!

My family! I’m so proud of you for being the best mom, wife, and friend and run your own business while making it all look so easy. You are the most loyal friend to the end!

I love you so much, Ali! Omg, this pic is from the summer of 1996 when we were in Paris on tour with your dad and The Eagles. We kept a diary on this trip and I just read it 😂. So many amazing memories ✨.”

A fan named Paule Leslie commented:

“Wish her a happy birthday for me please ❤️.”

Another fan named Kobe Royale wrote this:

“Yasssss Kimmy n happy birthday❤️.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.

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