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Kristen Bell Tells An Inspirational Story While Creating Awareness About Breast Cancer

Kristen Bell Tells An Inspirational Story While Creating Awareness About Breast Cancer

In October, the awareness month of breast cancer, which is the most common type of cancer that causes death in women, many people, including celebrities around the world, emphasize the importance of early diagnosis and treatment with #breastcancerawareness hashtag. One of these celebrities is the successful actress Kristen Bell, who shared the story of a young woman with breast cancer via her Instagram account in her latest post.

Every October in the world it is The Breast Cancer Awareness Month and people try to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment.

For a while, the actress, Kristen Bell has been sharing the stories of women, who are diagnosed with breast cancer when they are pregnant or after they beat cancer and the journey they go through, to inspire and support many other women in the world.

In her latest post, Bell shared the story of breast cancer fighter Yoly Bott. She is a young woman at the age of 29 who found a lump in her breast on her honeymoon. During her journey of fighting the disease for 2 years, she helped other cancer patients. She also welcomed her baby last month. Her story was both inspirational and a story with good lessons showing the importance of early detection.

Here’s the story of Yoly Bott:

“This week, we’re giving one year of Hello Bello bundles to Yoly Bott. At age 29, while on her honeymoon, Yoly noticed a lump on her breast that was soon diagnosed as cancer and spent the next two years undergoing intense treatment and surgeries. Throughout her journey, she found ways to give back by mentoring other cancer patients and serving on the board of the Bay Area Young Survivors support group.,

Yoly endured additional complications but the couple was thrilled to welcome the arrival of baby Lucca last month! Yoly- we hope this year of bundles helps make the road ahead a little easier. #breastcancerawareness #togetherhope #nbcf “

Check out the post below.

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