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KSI Reveals What He Aims With His Next Full-Length Project

KSI Reveals What He Aims With His Next Full-Length Project

The London-based rapper and Youtuber KSI talked about his next album and explained what he intended with his new album, revealing what people should expect.

The London rapper, who’s also known as a YouTuber, boxer, actor, and author, dropped his debut record ‘Dissimulation’ last May, and recently teamed up with Yungblud and Polo G on ‘Patience.’

In a recent interview with Viper Magazine, KSI revealed that his next full-length project will bring together all different genres, including rap, drill, grime, and pop.

Here’s what KSI said:

“I like music from K-Pop, even some country now and then, some rock, there’s some hardcore rock.”

He continued:

“I just love music.”

The 27-year-old rapper said he wanted to raise the level of everything and the album is gonna blow people away. He added:

“I wanted to level up everything, I feel with this album I’ve definitely done that and it’s gonna blow people away. I like to call myself an anomaly, I’m just this fluid guy.”

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