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Kylie Jenner Declared Her Love For Unexpected Person

Kylie Jenner Declared Her Love For Unexpected Person

Media personality and makeup mogul, Kylie Jenner, has posted a new photo on her official Instagram page, declaring her love for Spanish singer Rosalia.

Kylie Jenner recently attended the show that Rosalia gave in Los Angeles, enjoying the performance of her new friend from backstage.

After the show, Kylie Jenner met Rosalia backstage and took a gorgeous photo with her. Then, the makeup mogul uploaded the photo to her Instagram page for the followers.

As you might see in the photo, Kylie Jenner and Rosalia are posing on a black leather sofa. Kylie Jenner wore a full black dress, Rosalia appearing in red-white stage costume. Also, Rosalia showed off the showy ring to the followers.

Kylie Jenner has 157 million followers on Instagram, and the photo has received over 5 million likes, with the fans and many famous personalities headed the comment section to show their love for the model and singer.

Here’s what Kylie Jenner captioned:


Rosalia headed the comment section and wrote this:


An Instagram user named victoriosas_2006 said this:

“So beautiful 😍😍😍”

See the Instagram photo below.

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