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Kylie Jenner Trolls Fans After The Aggressive Comments On Her Toes

Kylie Jenner Trolls Fans After The Aggressive Comments On Her Toes

One of the most famous social media personalities and makeup mogul, Kylie Jenner, has shared the new photos on Instagram Stories to troll fans after the aggressive comments on her toes.

As you might remember, the day before, Kylie Jenner has posted a recent photo of herself with her sister Kendall Jenner in a multi-color bikini and mesmerized admirers by their flawless look.

However, an Instagram user named jassminesoto stopped in the comment section to mock the shape of Kylie’s toes. Kylie reacted to this aggressive comment on her toes and recently made a statement, defending herself and said that she had ‘cute ass feet.’

This time, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram Stories for a different purpose and trolled her followers with several bizarre photos. In the first snap, she wrote that her toes are very famous, which on a colorful background, and, at this point, she decided she should give names to her toes.

In the third photo, the 22-year-old mogul took a photo of her feet and gave them names, which are beginning with the letter ‘T.’ Then, she left the names on the tip of her toes. In addition, she gave his big fingers a boy name and the tiny ones a girl name.

Here’s what Kylie Jenner wrote:

“My toes are so famous. We probably should name them at this point.

Tess, Teague, Tia, Trix, Toby, Tony, Tahnee, Tasha, Talia, Tina.”

See the Instagram photos below.

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