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Lady Gaga Explains Why She Feels Blue While Introducing Her Makeup Products

Lady Gaga Explains Why She Feels Blue While Introducing Her Makeup Products

World-famous female singers started to create their own beauty lines to turn their names into a brand. In addition to Rihanna‘s very successful beauty brand Fenty, Selena Gomez‘s Rare Beauty, Jennifer Lopez’s JLO Beauty, Lady Gaga has Haus Laboratories brand. The artist introduced the new products of her brand to her followers with a very sincere statement on her Instagram account.

Lady Gaga was in the forefront during the election period in America and stood out with her highly creative posts that encouraged people to vote. She had celebrated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ victory by sharing a photo of her embracing Joe Biden. After the conclusion of the elections, the first different post was about her brand of cosmetics and she preferred to make a simpler promotion rather than a glamorous one this time.

On Monday, Lady Gaga took Instagram to share a close up photo of herself where she put on makeup and showed her eyeliner. She still looked natural and beautiful while telling her followers that she usually didn’t write about her brand this way.

However, Gaga said she felt a little down and upset that day so she wanted to put makeup on to feel good again because like her many people feel insecure these days and need to find a way to cheer themselves up. Gaga added to her statement that she always believed that one should always celebrate oneself, no matter what the situation is they should feel they are important and have the right to feel joy at any time.

Here’s what she stated:

“I don’t usually write about @hauslabs this way, but I felt like I really should this holiday. I was feeling blue tonight and thought about how so many people are going through hard times during this pandemic. I decided to put some of my makeup on to cheer myself up and it reminded me of something I’ve always believed.

It is SO IMPORTANT that you celebrate yourself, live colorfully and rejoice in that BRAVE SOUL that is you. Celebrate your valor, your culture, your voice in the world. You are essential. And so is your joy 💝”

Check out the post below.

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