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Lakers Star Lebron James Shows His Admiration For Rihanna In A Subtle Way

Lakers Star Lebron James Shows His Admiration For Rihanna In A Subtle Way

Los Angeles Lakers star, Lebron James, has posted new photos on his Instagram account to unveil his new shoe called ‘The Lebron 17’ for the first time and while doing that, he also took a video from the home quarantine. In the Instagram post, King left a simple message by referring to a Rihanna song.

The new shoe is a collaboration of NBA 2K and Nike and its entitled the ‘Bron 2K Playoffs.’ 2K Sports shared an official announcement about the shoe which is available on NBA 2K20 right now. Here’s the statement:

“The LeBron 17 ‘Bron 2K Playoffs’ Challenge starts now 👑 Win a MyPLAYER Nation playoff game to unlock access to buy an IRL version of these gamer exclusives.”

On Instagram Stories, King James showed off the shoe with a new video that he took amid the lockdown and wrote a little line from a Rihanna song, Diamonds.

Here’s what Lebron wrote:

“Shine bright like a diamond! Print hit different on these. Playoff 17 “PE.” Damn playoffs was set to start today!”

Check out the screenshot of James’ Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Lebron James – Instagram

As we all know that Rihanna has posted a lot of photos about Lebron, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, and of course Cleveland Cavaliers, on her Instagram page for the last six or seven years. Never and ever, she didn’t feel hesitant about showing her admiration for King James.

You can see one of the photos that Rihanna is cheering for Lebron during a Los Angeles Lakers match below.

Photo Credit: Yahoo

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