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Lauren Cohan Details The Highly-Anticipated Finale Of The Walking Dead

Lauren Cohan Details The Highly-Anticipated Finale Of The Walking Dead

Lauren Cohan, the star of The Walking Dead, spoke about how the ‘bittersweet’ finale of the series made her feel.

Confirming that it is about to complete the long-running screen adventure that has been going on since 2010, The Walking Dead started shooting its final season. While the 11th is determined as the last season, the production gave the good news that after the finale of the 10th season, there will be extra episodes related to the 10th episode and that there will be 24 episodes in the 11th season next year.

Lauren Cohan gives life to the character of Maggie Rhee in the series. It has been confirmed that she is in the season finale of the 10th season and now shooting in Georgia.

Here’s what she said:

“I’m in Georgia now getting ready to shoot, which is now going to be part of the still season 10. We’re doing this big chunk of episodes, and then next year, we come back and do 24 more.”

Speaking later about the 11th season, Cohan said that the shooting of the series will take another two years. She mentioned that the ending of the series, in a way, excited her like the fans. She states that she is very happy to see that a long-term project is still loved and followed so much. Cohen also gave signals that there will be a spin-off series.

Here’s what she said:

“We have two calendar years’ worth of stuff to shoot, so it’s still going to be on television for a significant period, but I feel two ways about it.

I kind of got excited when we first announced [it was ending], just because fans and everybody who’s watched all this time and been part of our invested family is… We’re so lucky we’ve been going so long, and it’s so exciting to say, ‘Okay, let’s all key in for this final season and watch it together,’ and it makes me appreciate it.

And then, people are so hungry for our whole universe still that it’s exciting because there will be spin-off possibilities.”

Watch the ‘zoom’ conversation of Lauren Cohen via Youtube below.

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