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Lauren Jauregui Shares A Really Inspiring Letter For Her Fans

Lauren Jauregui Shares A Really Inspiring Letter For Her Fans

Lauren Jauregui American – Cuban singer and songwriter, Lauren Jauregui, posted a recent photo on her Instagram page and shared the inspiring quote from the famous writer of ‘From Struggle To Sparkle,’ Tanya Markul.

As you might read the quote of Markul below, she states that every success naturally attracts haters with it. Even Lauren chose not to write anything on the caption, almost 40K people liked the post in just three hours.

Here is what’s written on the post:

“Your truth will bring out the worst in others. Your love will tingle what they’ve numbed. Your authenticity will provoke closed minds. Your gratitude will irritate trolls. Your success will attract haters. Your empowerment will create enemies. Your uniqueness will antagonise assholes. Your courage will attract cowards. Your sexuality will freak others out. Your joy will expose inner shit.

Your compassion will unmask envy. And love, that’s what it’s all meant to do. Your aliveness will reveal many mental prisons, but help to set even more minds free.”

– Tanya Markul”

A user named dudahuguinin commented on the post and showed her gratitude:

“Thank you for being my inspiration 💗”

Another follower named mh24kmagic wrote this:

“That’s what I am talking bout.”

You may find out the recent photo of Lauren right below.

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