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LeBron James Reveals His Emotional Side While Celebrating His Son Bryce Maximus’ 13th Birthday

LeBron James Reveals His Emotional Side While Celebrating His Son Bryce Maximus’ 13th Birthday

One of the greatest basketball players in the world, LeBron James, has posted some flashback photos of himself with his beloved son, Bryce Maximus James, via his verified Instagram account and written a touching birthday message for his son.

Today, LeBron James’ son, Bryce Maximus James, is turning 13 years old. Everyone was wondering about what will LeBron do for celebrating his son’s birthday. This Afternoon, the Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar took to Instagram to celebrate Bryce’s birthday.

As you can see in his post below, LeBron posted some memorable photos which are taken when he had great times with his son, and also, he penned down a very heartfelt birthday tribute to his son. 

Frankly, he mesmerized most of his followers with the emotional side of him while celebrating his son’s 13th birthday. This post reached more than 1.5M likes in just one hour and also, many comments written by his close friends and followers to celebrate Bryce’s birthday.

Here’s what LeBron wrote for his son:

“Man o man!!!! Happy Bday to my guy Bryce Maximus James!!! Thirteen though?!?!?! Where is the time going! You’re one of a kind young man and I’m proud to watch your continue to grow every day and I’m also proud to be your dad!!

You make the whole house laugh daily by just simply being YOU!! Always know YOU is good enough and more my son. Enjoy your day as we celebrate it together as what we call the #JamesGang👑 way!

🤣 🥳 🤪 😎 ❤️ 🙌🏾 💃🏽 🕺🏾 🎂 🎁 🎊 🎉  #CantBelieveIHaveTwoTeenagersByTheWay.”

LeBron’s former teammate, Brandon Weems, celebrated his birthday with this comment:

“Happy Birthday young king.”

Charlotte Hornets forward, Miles Bridges, wrote a special comment to celebrate Bryce’s birthday:

“Happy birthday Lil bro.”

You can see the Instagram post of LeBron James right below.

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