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Leonardo DiCaprio Reacts To Sad Crisis About The World

Leonardo DiCaprio Reacts To Sad Crisis About The World

The legendary actor of movies like Django Unchained and Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio, posted a recent photo on his verified Instagram page and showed his environmentalist side one more time.

As Leonardo posts a really important statement about World Pangolin Day, he took fans’ attention to support the ‘Pangolin Crisis’ team. As we are preparing this article, almost 700K people liked the recent photo of Leo.

Here is what Leo wrote about the post:

“A pangolin’s natural defense is to roll into a ball when threatened, which is why they’re such easy targets for wildlife traffickers.

Today on #WorldPangolinDay, I’m supporting the @PangolinCrisis team with their #RollWithUs campaign to protect these gentle creatures from the trafficking crisis that is putting them at risk of extinction.

Share this post to help raise awareness for pangolins and follow @PangolinCrisis for more information.”

While one of the users who liked the photo was Natalie Portman, a user named tcdrimes commented on the post:

“Yes Leo, takes one Person a day to be aware of a daily of these special things. I Appreciate your ongoing diligence on saving our sacred planet. ( since you were little). Your positivity towards everyone and the planet is recognized thank you.”

You can check out the photos right below.

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