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Lewis Hamilton Says ‘It’s Actually Good Day’ Although He Won’t Start In The First Pole Position

Lewis Hamilton Says ‘It’s Actually Good Day’ Although He Won’t Start In The First Pole Position

Formula 1 pilot Lewis Hamilton has shared his thoughts about the race that held tomorrow in Istanbul, Turkey, and claimed that the day went well despite his disappointment in the race.

Racing Point’s Lance Stroll beat Max Verstappen today to take a shock maiden pole position in a wet qualifying session for Formula 1’s 2020 Turkish Grand Prix.

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton struggled hard to get first pole position on a rainy day in Istanbul and finished the qualifying race in 6th place. However, Hamilton appeared hopeful despite everything.

Mercedes secured the championship as a team. On the other hand, Hamilton can declare his championship in the race in Istanbul. Hamilton, who has 85 points difference with his teammate Finnish driver Valterri Bottas, will become world champion for the 7th time and share the record of legendary pilot Michael Schumacher if he wins the race.

Considering the possibility of becoming a champion, Hamilton hinted that the day was not bad for him in a statement he made on Instagram. The professional athlete, who is very close to his 7th championship, looks forward to the race to be held tomorrow.

Here’s what Lewis Hamilton stated:

“Team work from the top down.🙌🏾 We are 7 time world champions, we keep fighting and pushing one another to be better in every way.

Today, we didn’t get it right but it’s days like today we learn the most so it’s actually a good day!

Tomorrow, is going to be even tougher but we win and we lose as a team so either way we are in this together. What do you think Toto and I were talking about here.”

See the Instagram post below.

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