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Lil Baby Explains Why He Avoids Speaking About Controversial Topics

Lil Baby Explains Why He Avoids Speaking About Controversial Topics

Winning double platinum from the RIAA for their single ‘The Bigger Picture,’ Lil Baby was more than just another hit for the acclaimed rapper. “The Bigger Picture” has been hailed as a sort of anthem for addressing police brutality and inequality, and Lil Baby spoke at length with MSNBC’s Ari Melber on The Beat’s Summer 2020 single.

Despite being called the “song about George Floyd,” Lil Baby shared that the hit single was something he created to be so much more. He just said she wasn’t going to do a George Floyd song and he talked a little bit about what kind of event was going on in the song.

When required, he utilizes his voice; nevertheless, he avoids publishing too much about himself and his political beliefs, particularly on social media, where his every action is scrutinized by the public.

Here’s what Lil Baby said:

“It wasn’t just that incident because it was bigger than that incident. Not saying that incident was not bigger than other incidents, but it was just my chance to speak on the whole thing.”

He continued:

“I don’t really catch what’s going on or what people are saying. I don’t really wanna just speak on situations, especially when I don’t know the whole backstory [because] something I say might get misinterpreted. So, I’m quiet as far as me posting.”

He added:

“I speak through my art. I’m not gonna be a George Floyd advocate only. I know people, personally, who got killed by the police. That would be fake of me to post about [Floyd] when I ain’t even post about somebody I know who is going through [a similar situation].”

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