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Lil Baby Says ‘That’s A Whole Other World’ As He Explains Why He Deactivated His Instagram Account

Lil Baby Says ‘That’s A Whole Other World’ As He Explains Why He Deactivated His Instagram Account

The Atlanta rapper Lil Baby, who proved to be the best rapper of the year 2020, explained why he is moving away from social media, and how social media has had an impact on him and his music.

As we all know, Complex calls an artist the Best Rapper Alive every year. To win the award, it must receive the highest score in the categories of general impact, technical skill, cultural relevance, and quality of music. For 2020, this name was Lil Baby.

Complex had an exclusive interview with Lil Baby and the rapper opened up about the unknowns. The 26-year-old rapper said he was very distracted when explaining why he deactivated his Instagram account. He also stated that it was a time to focus on himself.

However, Lil Baby has not forgotten Instagram’s help to him. The rapper is aware of the influence of social media and has hinted that he will return to Instagram as soon as possible.

Here’s what the rapper stated:

“You know, a lot of people be lying, like, ‘If I could delete my Instagram, I would.’ I was in one of those spaces where it’s like, I want to do that. My Instagram helped me a lot, don’t get me wrong. But at the same time, it’s a big distraction for me, too. And I’m in a stage of reinventing myself as a person, so I just decided to take a break for a minute.

But the type of person that I’m reinventing is going to kind of require me to be on the internet and on Instagram. I’ve got endorsements and stuff which will require me to post something. But for the most part, I’m trying to step back from the internet, because that’s a whole other world.”

Lil Baby also revealed the biggest misconception people have about him. He said:

“Honestly, I think people get a whole lot of stuff wrong about me, due to the fact that even when I’m on social media, I don’t really post the real. I probably give 20% of the real me to the public.”

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