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Lil Dicky Reveals How The Purpose Of ‘Earth’ Song Change

Lil Dicky Reveals How The Purpose Of ‘Earth’ Song Change

During a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, comedian and singer Lil Dicky has shared his thoughts about how his viral song ‘Earth’ occured.

Lil Dicky accepted ‘Earth’ was silly idea to have artists play different animals but later climate change and its effect on the planet, the purpose of the song changed. He said:

“I didn’t realize how urgent this situation is, and how if we don’t in the next 12 years completely change the way we do pretty much everything.

What started as this really silly little fun idea that vaguely I was like, ‘Let’s tie this to environmentalism,’ now became my life’s important work. And I think what I want the song to do is put others on the journey of discovery. I don’t know how this isn’t what everyone is talking about at all times—literally the Earth is like falling apart.”

Successful comedian also exlained why Kevin Hart played on the video clip instead of Kanye West. He said:

“I just couldn’t reach the man. I just wanted to give him the best possible package to show him. I had such a small window, and I just couldn’t get ahold of him… but the animation was so far along that it still had to be his avatar [saying], ‘I’m Kanye West.’ So I reached out to Kevin Hart.”

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