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Lil Durk Says 6ix9ine Is One Of The ‘Rats’ In The Hip-Hop Community

Lil Durk Says 6ix9ine Is One Of The ‘Rats’ In The Hip-Hop Community

During a recent interview with ‘Complex,’ Chicago rapper Lil Durk thinks that controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is one of the rats in the hip-hop industry.

As we all know, Canadian rapper Drake dropped a recent song called ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ in collaboration with young rapper Lil Durk. While talking about his verse on the song, he explained why his verses are too short. He said:

“Oh, when I sang on the verse, I left. I thought it was done. This was around the time the studio was really tripping about COVID. But when I had left the studio, it was supposed to get mixed the next day. So that being a shorter version was on my end.”

Upon this, he said that he and Drake wanted his verses to be longer. He continued:

“He [Drake] wanted me to go long… Shit, me too. I will fuck around and drop a freestyle now.”

When the interview mentioned his verses about rats and asked if these words are related to 6ix9ine, he revealed that he really hates rats. Also, he revealed 6ix9ine is one of the rats in hip-hop music.

Here’s what Durk said:

“I said I hate rats. No. I don’t play those games. I don’t pay attention to niggas like that. I just hate rats, and he’s one of them.”

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