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Lil Kim Responds To Rumors About Creating Her Career Biopic

Lil Kim Responds To Rumors About Creating Her Career Biopic

In a recent episode of The Real Daytime, New York female rap musician Lil Kim has clarified the rumors about creating her career biopic.

Although there isn’t a biography yet, Lil Kim says her story is ready. The 45-year-old rapper also said that the production companies were interested in her story. She said:

“I’ve gotten so many offers. I’m talking, major offers… even BET, Lifetime, Lionsgate. But the thing is, I had to be ready, and I think now I’m ready to tell the story.”

Kim also said that she hoped the story would be created by John Singleton. She expressed that the young director wanted to make her story before she died. She continued:

 “Him and I went [to a party]. He was like, ‘I want you to be my celebrity date.’ But I knew what that meant. He wants to talk, right? So he said to me, ‘Kim, why aren’t we doing this movie? You’re a walking best-seller.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I’m waiting for you.’ I said to him, I always said if I did a movie about my life, I’m not doing it with anybody but you. And then he passed away.”

You can watch the part of the clip below.

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