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Lil Nas X Responds To Backlash For Telling ‘Get Rid Of It’ To A Pregnant Fan

Lil Nas X Responds To Backlash For Telling ‘Get Rid Of It’ To A Pregnant Fan

Lil Nas X, who became famous with the song Old Town Road and later did not go down the Billboard charts for weeks with his duet with country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, was criticized on Instagram for telling a pregnant fan to have an abortion. However, he responded to all these allegations in a rather angry way.

Nas recently held a question and answer session on Instagram Stories and asked fans to send questions to him. A fan wrote and said ‘I think I’m pregnant.’

The 21-year-old singer used the feature of an Instagram filter to tell his fan, whose identity only Lil Nas X knows, to ‘get rid of it.’ However, Nas’ joke was found quite disturbing, and many news sites and some users on social media began to criticize him brutally.

Tired of all this unfair criticism, the singer responded via his Twitter account and reacted to news titled “Rapper Lil Nas X tells pregnant fan on Instagram: Get rid of it,” explaining what actually happened.

Lil Nas X said that the ‘pregnant fan’ was a kid joking about being pregnant on Instagram, and called those who spread these allegations on social media as a loser.

Here’s what Lil Nas X said:

“The pregnant fan” was a boy on my Instagram making a joke about him being pregnant you losers.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

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