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Lil Nas X Reveals What He’ll Do For His Next Performance After The Backlash For Kissing A Male Dancer On Stage

Lil Nas X Reveals What He’ll Do For His Next Performance After The Backlash For Kissing A Male Dancer On Stage

Rapper Lil Nas X made headlines with his performance of Montero (Call Me By Your Name) at the 2021 BET Awards. The rapper passionately kissed one of the male dancers on the lips at the end of his jaw-dropping stage show.

As you recall, Lil Nas X made an iconic performance where he paid tribute to Michael Jackson’s 1991 song ‘Remember the Time’ when he performed ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ at the BET Awards. An Egyptian pyramids-themed show was set up and Lil Nas X looked very passionate on stage. At the end of the show, the rapper passionately kissed a male dancer, and this performance was received with a standing ovation from many celebrities.

While many celebrities, singers, and actors have been supported Lil Nas X, there were conservatives who did not like his show. For this reason, he received a lot of criticism on social media, and people who described him as a children’s favorite rapper with his hit song Old Town Road. But Lil Nas X doesn’t seem to mind the criticism.

On Tuesday, the 22-year-old rapper took to Twitter, responding to the criticism and explaining what he would do for his next stage performance. Jokingly, Lil Nas X said he was going to have sex with a male dancer on stage.

Here’s what Lil Nas X tweeted:

“Since y’all still doing all this over a kiss imma just fuck the nigga on stage next time.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

Yesterday (on Monday), Lil Nas X previously took to Twitter and thanked his fans for their support. The rapper also opened up about how he prepared for the show and how he felt during the show. The 22-year-old rapper, who said it took a lot of mental preparation for the performance, said that he had trouble calming his nerves during the performance.

Here’s what he said:

“It took me a lot of time to mentally prepare for this performance. while on stage I was trembling knowing that I was performing something like that in front of my straight peers. even during the performance, I was having a hard time calming my nerves. thank you guys for the love.”

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