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Lil Wayne Doesn’t Allow To Play ‘Madden’ His Sons After Noticing An Absurd Thing

Lil Wayne Doesn’t Allow To Play ‘Madden’ His Sons After Noticing An Absurd Thing

Grammy Award-winning rapper Lil Wayne seems to be sick of the video game called Madden NFL, revealing it in his latest tweet.

Madden NFL is a series of video games developed by Tiburon for EA Sports. The game is named after the legendary football coach John Madden. The game has managed to achieve the title of Best-Seller in its category and other categories every year it is released.

Weezy hopped to Twitter to share his opinions on the video game and said that he won’t allow playing his sons this video game anymore. Because Wayne thoughts that the ratings of Madden NFL are very absurd.

Here’s what Weezy wrote:

“Those Madden ratings are so absurd! I’m not letting my sons play that sh*t.”

He also called out the legendary coach John Madden and continued:

“Where the f*ck is John Madden at these days?”

A Twitter user Leo suggested something and commented:

“If you want ratings of the players you want to be already OP or like a version of them during a season (hell even retro players) play ultimate team. Sometimes that mode takes a bit to get impact player ratings but you get to play in a faster pace sooner than the game…”

However, apparently Lil Wayne will no longer play this game, which is on the bestseller list every year, and also he will not allow playing his children.

Check out the Twitter post below.

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