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Lily Collins Reveals The Secret Behind The Success Of ‘Emily In Paris’

Lily Collins Reveals The Secret Behind The Success Of ‘Emily In Paris’

One of the most spoken names of recent times is definitely the beautiful actress Lily Collins after her role in the Emily In Paris series broadcast on Netflix during the pandemic period. Its content distracts the audiences’ minds a little and gives joy and happiness with its enjoyable theme.

The young actress Lily Collins loved by the masses not only love for the energy of her character, Emily, in the series, but she was seen as one of the most stylishly dressed characters in the TV industry after Gossip Girl’s legendary Blair Waldorf character.

Thanks to the success of the series, the good news was given that the series will continue in the second season. The 31-year-old beautiful actress revealed in a recent interview how surprised she was with the success of the series. After making the announcement of the 2nd season on her Instagram account, she received over 500K likes in a short time.

Lily Collins attributes the success of the series to the fact that people see it as an escape after so many bad events. The series being set in Paris, showing people living and traveling freely, and being together with comedy and love were the reasons that attracted the audience to the screen.

Here’s what she stated:

“To me, it just translates to: people needed an escape. They’re able to get that wish fulfillment of travel when they watch it. They can laugh and smile. And I don’t know what I need now more than ever other than smiling and laughing.”

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