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Lizzo Doesn’t Neglect To Give An Inspirational Message While Welcoming 2021 With Her Neon Pink Wig On

Lizzo Doesn’t Neglect To Give An Inspirational Message While Welcoming 2021 With Her Neon Pink Wig On

In her latest post, the singer Lizzo again entered the New Year differently than anyone else, put on her neon pink wig and shared an encouraging message with her followers to leave behind 2020 with positive emotions on her Instagram account.

While the whole world is experiencing the joy of banishing the year 2020, many famous names prefer to share motivational posts because the uncertainties brought by the new year continue to disturb people.

In 2020, Lizzo used her usual social media accounts to emphasize that she is at peace with her body while bravely exhibiting it. The singer became the symbol of body positivity, encouraging overweight fans like her to accept and love themselves as they are.

On Thursday, the 32-year-old singer took Instagram to share her pose which she gave against the view on her balcony. In her unusual pose, Lizzo did not neglect to show her legs by opening the slit of her black dress.

In the caption of her photo, she wrote to her followers that if they failed this year or their work did not go well, it was not about them but about this year which wasn’t a good year for anyone to develop and grow.

Moreover, Lizzo stated that she was proud of people who found growth as well as who shrunk because the year was about how to survive. Therefore, she described everyone reading the post as a survivor and encouraged them to celebrate themselves.

Here’s the caption:

“I saw somewhere if you ain’t find your hustle this year then “the hustle ain’t in you”… nah… this year wasn’t given to us in the form of an incubator for growth.

If you found growth, I’m proud of you. If you found yourself shrunken, I’m proud of you. Because this year was about survival.

Everyone reading this post is a survivor. And that means the hustle is definitely in you. Celebrate yourself. Safely and lovingly.”

Lizzo’s post received more than 240k likes and her followers head to the comments section.

One of her fans wrote:

“Love you Lizzo❤️ Keep growing❤️”

Another fan wrote:

“Thank you @lizzobeeating !!! We love you!! Happy New Years 😻🔥”

Check out the post below.

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