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Lizzo Encourages Plus Size People By Giving An Inspiring Message To Them

Lizzo Encourages Plus Size People By Giving An Inspiring Message To Them

Lizzo is not only one of the world’s most-followed musicians, but also one of the most important symbols of music that helps people who are not at peace with their bodies for body positivity and self-acceptance. The other day, Lizzo shared a post that supports her fans who are struggling to reconcile with their own bodies via her Instagram account and said as plus size women they proved to the world how strong and beautiful they are.

Lizzo is a most prominent icon for body positivity and self-acceptance. She helps her fans who struggle to accept themselves and Lizzo doesn’t see overweight as a handicap for being gorgeous, sexy and confident. In her Instagram post, she shared a small video of herself looking very gorgeous and super-hot.

In the caption, she wrote a plus size appreciation note and stated that they are becoming highly visible in the fashion and beauty world. Her message was so drastic and refreshing for the many women who are not happy to be plus-size. Lizzo ended her caption by suggesting her plus size girls love their double chin and shake their bellies.

Although Lizzo’s attitude towards overweight people being at peace with their own bodies is supported and found inspirational by many people, it is considered unhealthy by others because being ‘overweight’ is not something to be celebrated for them, it is only a danger that can cause terrible health problems in the future.

Here’s what Lizzo said:

“Oh, it’s “PLUS SIZE APPRECIATION DAY”? Ima say it like this… s/o to my size 18+ beauties out there. We getting our visibility and FINALLY, brands are beginning to catch up to how fly we’ve always been. We are fashion, we are sex symbols, we are IT.

There’s a long road to inclusivity and we won’t stop until we there. Till then… shake yo belly, love handles, and jiggly thighs, love ur double chin and wear them bikinis cus u a bad bitch!”

Check out the post below.

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