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Lizzo Surprises The Kids Who Dance With Her Viral Song

Lizzo Surprises The Kids Who Dance With Her Viral Song

A teacher and her students at Los Medanos Elementary School in California dance with Lizzo’s viral song “Trust Hurts”. Teacher Dorothy Mallari said that she chose Lizzo’s song to make her students feel confident.

Lizzo saw the kids’ dance video on Twitter and wrote:

“Ur right.. this IS the best thing I’ve watched today”

Watch the video below.

During a recent episode on Good Morning America, Lizzo surprises 2nd-grade class who went viral with a very special message. She said:

“Hey kids, It’s Lizzo. I saw the wonderful video that y’all made. Your teacher is very cool. I wanna thank you so much for supporting me and I wanna let you know that you are 100% the future.”

She added:

“You’re so bright and so beautiful and so talented so keep it up and I hope to see y’all one day. I wanna drop in on your class so hopefully, we can make that happen. In the meantime, stay bright.”

Watch the clip below.


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