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Machine Gun Kelly Joins Demonstrators For Justice Of George Floyd’s Death: “F*ck The System”

Machine Gun Kelly Joins Demonstrators For Justice Of George Floyd’s Death: “F*ck The System”

Cleaveland-origin rapper and singer, Machine Gun Kelly, recently shared the new photos taken during George Floyd protests on his Instagram page and had a message to show his support for the demonstrators.

There have been many protests taking place across the country after African-American innocent man named George Floyd was killed by a white police officer in the city of Minnesota.

While the protests continued, some famous names broke their silence for George Floyd’s death from their social media accounts. However, some artists flocked to the streets and actually joined the protests.

MGK joined protesters in Cleveland, Ohio, with some friends to demand justice for George Floyd. As you will see from the pictures, MGK appeared in the streets with other protesters, wearing a mask, and, holding a sign with ‘silence is betrayal’ written on it. The caption of the photos was demanding justice for the 46-year-old black man:

“Justice soon…”

His photos have reached more than 357K likes and most of the followers stopped in the comment section to support his action.

An Instagram user commented:

“We love you stay safe.”

Another fan said:

“So f*cking proud.”

See the Instagram post below.

Machine Gun Kelly also spoke out over killing George Floyd and shared his thoughts on his verified Twitter account. Here’s what he wrote:

“Fuck the Boyz 🚔🖕🏼 Fuck white privilege. I’m ashamed someone who looks like me could treat another human like this, but they been doing it since the beginning of time. Our generation has be the one’s to stop it. My loyalty’s with the people. Fuck the system. Fight the system.”

Check out the tweet below.

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