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Macklemore Reveals How He Got The Respect Of His Kids After Watching Scooby-Doo

Macklemore Reveals How He Got The Respect Of His Kids After Watching Scooby-Doo

The successful hip-hop artist and songwriter from Seattle, Washington, Macklemore, shared an episode of the famous cartoon Scoopy-Doo and how he blew his kids’ minds with it on his Instagram account.

On Wednesday, the 37-year-old rapper took Instagram to share a video of the cartoon Scoopy-Doo in which he took part and it impressed his kids more than his crowded concerts.

As can be seen in the video, Macklemore’s cartoon version tries to solve mysteries with the famous crew: Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Shaggy Rogers, and Scooby-Doo. In the cartoon, the crew gets excited to see the rapper and Macklemore gives them free tickets for helping him.

In the caption of the video, the rapper wrote that his two kids saw his Scooby-Doo episode for the first time and it blew their minds more than his performance in front of 80,000 people. He stated that his 2-year-old daughter Colette Koala kept asking if he was really friends with Scooby which was a very sweet anecdote.

Here’s the caption:

“My kids have seen me perform in front of 80,000 people. They never thought twice about it. Showed them my Scooby-Doo episode last night… blew their minds.

Coco kept saying “Daddy you’re friends with Scooby”?! Damn right I am Coco. Now put some respek on my name.”

Check out the post below.

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