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Madonna Thinks She’s Too Old To Be A ‘Dancing Queen’

Madonna Thinks She’s Too Old To Be A ‘Dancing Queen’

Grammy-winning pop star Madonna doesn’t believe she can dance as her youth and says she misses being a ‘dancing queen.’

Queen of Pop took her followers to the past and shared a cropped video from her 2005 song ‘Sorry.’ The video shows that she was dancing while skating with a roller skate. This video is a classic in the pop music industry.

However, the 61-year-old singer left a caption and said that she wouldn’t dance anymore as she appears in the music video for ‘Sorry’ by hinting at her advanced age.

Here’s what Madonna wrote:

“This video gives me hope that not only will I be walking without crutches one day soon but also Dancing and Roller Skating Again!!
I Miss being the Dancing Queen !! Having the time of my life!!”

On the contrary, her followers and admirers made a lot of comments to share their thoughts which she is the only dancing queen and supported Queen of Pop and her flawless career.

A fan nicknamed mdnacious commented and wrote:

“Always will be the Dancing Queen.”

Another wrote:

“Only one queen and it’s Madonna.”

Check out the Instagram post below.

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